In October, 1979, William R. Healey, a former battlefield-commissioned officer wrote a letter to a national publication asking whether there were any other men so honored who cared to form an association, he was motivated by the same feelings remarked upon by Major General Leonard F. Wing, commanding general of the 43rd Infantry Division in the Philippines Islands during World War II who, in writing of battlefield commissions, stated, “No matter what honor may come to them in after life, they will prize this above all others.”

From this letter the National Order of Battlefield Commissions was founded and has reached a present membership of over 1,000. In September, 1982, the first national meeting was held in Akron, Ohio. During the meeting a Constitution and By-Laws were adopted. These were amended in September, 1986; September, 1990, September, 1993 October, 1994, and again in September, 1995. Each new member is provided a copy.

In March, 1983, NOBC was incorporated in the State of Illinois as a non-profit fraternal organization. In September, 1983; the second national meeting was held in Canton, Ohio. Subsequent national reunion conventions have been held annually since then.

Membership in the NOBC is open to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America who, in actual combat, demonstrated exceptional qualities of leadership and who, as a result, was appointed from Enlisted or Warrant Officer status to that of commissioned officer as a 2nd Lieutenant by competent authority. Documentary proof of such an appointment must be provided by the applicant. Membership in NOBC is then approved by the National Commander.

One of our principal aims is to create and perpetuate a viable and cohesive national organization for the purpose of enjoying the camaraderie of our unique membership and, in unison, to voice our concerns for the protection of our cherished American ideals and way of life. Further objectives and principles are outlined in Article II of our Constitution.

We welcome any qualified candidate as a new member and welcome your ideas, comments, and assistance in maintaining a national organization of which we can all be proud.

Some of the accomplishments of NOBC since its founding include: Dedication of a memorial marker and the planting of an oak tree in Arlington Cemetery to perpetuate the memory of NOBC and its deceased members; Establishment of a repository in the National Military History Institute at Carlisle Barracks, PA, where all recorded documentation pertaining to NOBC is being stored and maintained as a part of our national military history; Establishment of the Commander’s Trophy which is awarded by the National Commander at each annual reunion convention to the member who, in the commander’s opinion, has contributed most to the organization during the years; Acceptance as a member of The Military Coalition; In 1995 formed a satellite organization, “The Mustang Ponies”, consisting of descendants of battlefield commissioned officers. Its purpose is to perpetuate the legacy of NOBC; Establishment of a scholarship awarded to a selected member of the Mustang Ponies.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the National Order of Battlefield Commissions, please contact:


Donald Van Roosen, Past National Commander
4 Meadowlark Lane, Pinehurst, NC 28370 Tel:910-235-0007;
Fax: 910-235-0579
Stanley Schmucker, Administrative & Financial Officer
1490 Independence Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32940-6808
Tel: 321-255-5919


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